Game on!

2011-04-19T13:45:04+00:00April 19, 2011|Bad Mommy, Weblogs|

When I picked up my son for lunch today this is what he was drawing in the office. Then he followed up with, "Mom, does this look like a . [...]

Bad Mom Move #1,346

2010-08-30T10:13:05+00:00August 30, 2010|Bad Mommy, Weblogs|

So apparently I sent my child to school with a moldy sandwich.  Which I find ironic considering that whole other incident involving bread.  I was going to pack a lunchables [...]

2008-06-01T23:10:08+00:00June 1, 2008|Bad Mommy, Games and Improv|

This is wrong... yet it still made me laugh.  (Thanks Evyl!)  My only excuse is that you know those five-year-olds will be biting and eye-gouging.  And maybe even pulling the [...]

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