Since there is always someone on the web foaming at the mouth about "breast is best" or the ethical (?) considerations of foreskins or whatever other reason why their parenting preferences are better than everyone else's, I've decided to start spouting off a few of my own.  Mainly because I just find a lot of that shit ridiculous.

I like to be subversive that way.

So here we go… I feed my son chocolate milk once a day!  And not just sometimes, pretty much every single day he gets chocolate milk. 


I've been reading quite a few news articles lately about offering healthier food choices at schools, which I completely support.  However, every single article feels the need to point out that the schools offer chocolate milk… and so, oh my god!, the kids pick the chocolate milk over the regular milk!!  Aagh!

Check it out, prepared chocolate milk has about the same amount of sugar as a similarly-sized glass of apple juice.  (And I tested that against the 100%, no sugar added Treetop apple juice.)

Chocolate is a power food.

Milk, whether it's chocolate flavored or not, still comes with all those great dairy nutrients.

My son is kind of on the skinny side so I don't mind a few extra calories getting in him. 

As for all the people pointing out the horrifying effects of sugar on focus, hyperactivity (myth – unless you have a sensitivity to sugar (which occurs far less than people realize)), and the subsequent "sugar crashes"… you really have to scarf quite a bit of sugar for those effects.  (Like I personally have not had a sugar crash in a really long time and I eat some chocolate or a couple of cookies or some other sugar-based treat once a day.  At least.  ahem)  So is it really the one carton/glass of chocolate milk?  Or is it the chocolate milk, the candy bar, the cookie, and the corn dog?

I'm just foaming saying.           – wg