Our life without school


Watch kid TV and have leisurely breakfast

Do activity sheets (i.e. coloring pages with letters on them); read stories

Have lunch at home (home-baked bread, fresh vegetables from garden)

After lunch do an outing to Target, a park, or maybe the pet store, all of which are close by


“Quiet time” (i.e. the two hours Chance is required to play quietly in his room; Me – nap or work)
Clean up after quiet time

Art project or play outside, garden or go for a walk

Dinner time, then bath

More stories and bedtime

Our life with school


Watch 1-2 kids’ shows, scarf down breakfast and run out the door

Drive Chance to school

Stop at Starbucks because I didn’t get enough caffeine and/or breakfast

Stop at bank

Run errands to stores that are lacking in “child entertainment value” (i.e. anything that isn’t Target, Toys R Us, or a pet store)

Stop briefly at home (because that seemed like a good idea)

Drive back to school to pick up Chance

Stop for drive-through lunch

Eat crappy fast food lunch at home; realize I need to stop by the bank again (feel guilty AND broke)


Enforce shortened “quiet time”

Sit exhausted on couch (me)

Prep for next outing (because of course all the playgroup/kid oriented activities start up again now that summer is over!)

Pull Chance out of quiet time, cram snack in him

Drive to playdate/group activity/seasonal outing/grandma’s house

Drive home (in traffic)

Dinner time (hope that Keen has cooked; if not, run out to pick up food)

Skip bath (Eau d’ Exhaust is so lovely!)

Stories and bedtime

Over the summer I had maybe two to three guaranteed outings in a week. Last week I had seven! I gassed up my car last Wednesday midday… by Friday I was already down a quarter of a tank! My carbon footprint has not just expanded, I think it’s grown a corn or two.

          – the weirdgirl