2008-04-15T12:02:44+00:00April 15, 2008|Games and Improv, Weblogs|

I know there’s this new movement to make traditional children’s songs more PC.  However, I swear this is what Chance has been singing lately. (Loudly, I might add.) “Little bunny [...]

Go Elf Yourself

2007-12-05T09:50:37+00:00December 5, 2007|Games and Improv|

My friend Godmother sent me this and I thought it was pretty cute.  It's seasonally appropriate and a bit of over the top kitsch.  That's my kind of holiday cheer.  [...]

Next in Line

2007-10-08T23:10:57+00:00October 8, 2007|Games and Improv|

Even though I had meant to do a fun, commenter-inspired post every day sequentially since I asked for your suggestions and I was all excited about my plan and what [...]

A New Medium

2007-10-06T11:21:26+00:00October 6, 2007|Games and Improv|

For all of you who gave me some words, themes, ideas to break me out of my blog funk… THANK YOU! Here is the first of the commenter-inspired posts. And BTW, they [...]

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