I know there’s this new movement to make traditional children’s
songs more PC.  However, I swear this is
what Chance has been singing lately. (Loudly, I might add.)

“Little bunny FOO-FOO! 

HOPping through the FORest!

scooping up the winos,

[mumble] booty [mumble].”

I don’t know the words
to the song, per se, but I’m pretty sure there is a disgruntled teacher at
preschool who needs a raise.      

Hey, I got an idea! I’m
in the mood for a little random word improv.  Someone throw out some random words and I’ll
try to come up with children song lyrics as interesting as my son’s.  Or if you have any entertainingly creative
lyrics, from your kids’ or your own, drop me a line and I’ll add it here. 

       – wg