Music for the Mid

2019-04-17T15:47:32+00:00April 17, 2019|Music, Weblogs|

Things have been alternately busy and pokey lately, in that way that culminates in having too much to do one day and not caring to do anything at all the [...]

Top Albums 1-15

2006-08-27T00:03:55+00:00August 27, 2006|Music|

Ordering this part of the list was so difficult!  As I said before, I suck at ranking.  I think my top five are interchangeable; and the remaining ten are a [...]

Top Albums 16-30

2006-08-20T23:08:54+00:00August 20, 2006|Music|

Here’s the next installment of my top albums.  Sorry posts have been slow forthcoming.  Lately it’s been really hard getting any quiet time to write.  I haven’t written a whole [...]

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