Jennifer at No
Place Like It
has tagged me with a meme. And thanks to her (and Schmutzie)
I now also have the above title/line etched into my brain. (Thanks Jen. I keep giggling to myself in public, people are starting to stare.) So this is one of those eight things
memes. I meant to do this on Monday but
I got caught up in the kingdom of lame (i.e. it’s taking me three times as long
to get anything done lately).

1. I think (the last
time I counted) I’m up to about 15 places of employment. I’d count them again but… nah. I know it totally makes me sound like a flake
but a good number of those businesses simply closed (the downside to working
for startups… or retail!). The other
ones I’d either get bored at or there were limited growth opportunities so I
moved on. Basically, in the early days
when I worked a lot of “college” jobs if I didn’t feel challenged or like I was
learning something I got bored really quickly. Once I moved to marketing I figured out that it suits me much better
because there are so many different types of projects going on. And I’m good at it. Contracting rocks even more!

2. If I don’t wear
lipstick I chew my lips all the time! They always seem to be chapped and I gnaw on them. I know this is totally disgusting and I
really wish I could stop. Chapstick is
only a partial deterrent. The color
component of lipstick seems to help, sort of like how I won’t touch my face if
I’m wearing makeup. Plus, lipstick is
often more moisturizing than chapstick.

3. I have three
brothers.  My older brother has
brain-damage.  I was, effectively, the
oldest child (let the psychoanalysis begin!).  Even though I haven’t talked about it here
issues regarding kids with special needs are close to my heart.

4. I painted a school
building in high school for the senior prank. The cops showed up. We ran and
hid behind another building. My
accomplice (wait… actually I was the accomplice because she was the senior and
I was only a junior)… anyway, she thought we should turn ourselves in because
“the cops won’t arrest us for senior prank, right?” Um… yeah right. I convinced her to just wait until they left
since they hadn’t seen the building yet.  (Did I already tell this story?)

5. I have hiked Half-dome in Yosemite.  Me and
Keen did the entire hike in one day, from the valley floor, up and back
down. Except I didn’t go up that cable
part. That’s just crazy. A “few feet of cable” my ass (I’m quoting
Keen). And for the record, that picture
on Wikipedia makes the cables look less steep than they actually are. I was a little appalled at the parents taking
kids up that stretch. There is totally a
reason why people have died hiking in Yosemite. (Yes, the gorgeous view is still worth it.)

6. In terms of
creative writing (or any of my creative endeavors), deep down I’m really a poet. I’m just masquerading as a (hopefully) more
lucrative “writer”. Because, let’s face
it, it’s hard to make a living as poet.

7. My dad grew up in Panama,
but I can’t speak Spanish. I can understand a little bit, though, like if it’s my family speaking. And I can conjugate a verb like nobody’s
business! I just can’t always remember
what the words mean (I had to take Spanish class … ahem… over a few
times). Both my parents and one of my
brothers are fluent in Spanish. My other
brother speaks Japanese. I suck.

8. I would really
like to build my own (and the kiddo’s) go-cart. I have been planning this since WAY before I ever had kids.  I often enjoy being a kid more than I enjoy
being an adult. Except for the additional cash flow that comes with age. That rocks.


Now time to tag people! I’m supposed to tag eight of you (sorry), but it is summer so I figure
we need things to write about, yes? CroutonBoy, Katie,
Charlie, Summer, Domestic Chicky, Riley (who finds the best pics
to post!), Sarah of Goon Squad
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