We're on vacation. Which is slightly different from being out of our heads. That occurs much more frequently. Case in point, I brought a straight iron to Seattle. I don't know what I was thinking. Sure, parts of my hair may start off straight but rest assured by the end of the day they are simply poofy.

Ha! My iPhone doesn't like the word "poofy".

Strangest thing but my son thinks it's a vacation simply to play video games in a new place. Sometimes he just wants to sit in the hotel room and, I don't know, revel in the hotel-ness. He also had room service once in his life and now expects it everywhere we go. He doesn't seem to grasp the irony that he already has room service and its name is Mom. But don't worry, we'll make him get some culture and shit. His brain will grow and he won't even know it.

Bwa ha ha!