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There have been the most wonderful metaphors popping up in music lately. Just lovely turns of phrases. And it's not always obvious, you have to listen closely and they come [...]

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I never understand why people don't set zombies on fire. I mean, you got a whole mess of them trapped somewhere, fairly nonflammable, and people try to pick them off [...]

Over the Top

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I have the best conversations with random strangers in stores. I was just chatting with this woman in Target about how our kids turn into spoiled rotten terrors when we [...]

Texting for kids

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I don't know about the rest of the parents out there but Chance has been asking for his own cell phone since before he actually knew our home number. I [...]


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I have a whole roadtrip / BlogHer wrap up post waiting to be written and linked and all that shit. But school starts on MONDAY (yeah, that early!) and this [...]

I blame the vampires

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So I found a self-tanner that is actually, you know, tanning my legs. It is ridiculous how many times I've shelled out cash for tanners that did nothing.  Except this [...]

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