Lots of folks have been doing the Simpson avatars
lately. Well, I confess, I did one too…
a few weeks ago and it was HIDEOUS! Ridiculously unflattering, so I didn’t post it. (Yes, I am that vain.) It sounds like a great, fun idea but the
truth is no one looks good as a Simpson. They’re all bug-eyed, after all, with some serious cirrhosis going on.  Even the “attractive” Simpsons aren’t all
that.  (I feel it’s our duty as
responsible adults to spread the truth.)

Fantasying how great it would be to have a superhero avatar
instead… great boobs, tiny waist, (this might be a post-Pregnancy sag-induced
fantasy but I can’t think I’m the only one)… I found this: Hero Machine

And wait it gets better… there’s a rock star edition! (I know you all don’t really want to be
working on a Monday anyway and I am happy
to provide some lovely time-sucking entertainment for your pleasure. You can thank me later.)

Actually I already have a superhero avatar (not that that stopped me from messing around on the site)… simply because I
am privileged to have fantastically talented graphic artist friends.  My buddy who made my fabulous blog logo also
drew me as a superhero.  I swear, I
didn’t ask him to make me one… but I am kind of a nerd so it worked out. And I have to say it makes feel good on those
days where my clothes decide to not fit. (Damn those temperamental clothes!)



Because I can’t resist procrastinating my workload any
better than the next person, here’s my rock star avatar.  (I’m SO gonna learn to play drums!  I’m all badass like that.)



Last but not least, I know there are certain pop culture
myths that haunt our generation. Subjects
such as how many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie pop, and
can you really bake cookies in your car? Go read this
and this
to answer those burning questions.

Happy Monday!

          – the weirdgirl