UPDATE – We got some great selections and here is an updated list.  I’m going to try to check out a couple of these and I’ll post later with some results.  If any of you also find some favorable places to shop, I’d love to hear about it.  The list so far:

JC Penny

Edie Bauer

Casual Corner

CJ Banks – www.cjbanks.com

J Jill – I was pleased to see in their catalog that many of shorts listed a "6 inch inseam"!

Macy’s – both store brands and their designer labels

J Crew

LL Bean

Target – I did find some OK shorts, Cherokee brand, but they WERE looking pretty matronly (they’ll do when you’re desperate – even Keen was making faces at these shorts)

Other alternatives:

Skirts in general

Old Navy/Gap men’s section – (On a similar note, I’ve also used Target’s mens/boys section in the past to find shorts)

James Perse skirts – I checked these out online and I have to say they look pretty yummy, pricey but yummy

I hope everyone else (at least the girls) finds this list as helpful as I do.  Thanks everyone for your feedback!          – the weirdgirl

Following up from the last post* (my kvetching about not finding suitable shorts – yes, it’s life-altering topics here at the weirdgirl’s house) there were a couple of great suggestions in the comments that I am going to check out.  Namely, places to find shorts that aren’t cut at hootchie length or down to the knee, and summer alternatives to shorts.  Here were the suggestions:

JC Penny

Casual Corner

Eddie Bauer

Skirts in general (for me I need to find ones my son can’t yank off my bum)

So I gots me an idea.  I would LOVE to hear about the places you all shop and/or have found clothes that actually fit women’s bodies well (without making you look frumpy OR skanky).  Because you all know how much I love lists, I’ll post all the suggestions/places you’ve found to be great for REAL WOMEN.  Heck, knowing how much I love to shop I’ll probably run product testing on your suggestions as well.  (I’ll be checking out Mervyn’s selection tomorrow.)  And if any of you out there know of or run a website with clothing for REAL WOMEN, I’d love to hear about those, too.

OK?  Let’s call this the Great Clothing Search.  And… go!            

                  – the weirdgirl

*Yes, I know this is kind of a cop out post but allergies are kicking my butt and I’ve got a headache that could birth Athena.  Plus, I am still a little irritated about the hootchie shorts thing.  (Hootchie skirts on the other hand, perfectly acceptable, especially for adult-only dinners out.)