OK, the busy-ness of the season and some work projects are fucking with my ability to blog properly.  Apologies.  I’m sure the brain power will return soon.  Rest assured that in the back of my brain, deep thoughts are a-percolating.  I can feel them.  But until they brew themselves into a brainy version of hot, caffeinated goodness, here’s another thought I’d like to leave you with: 

Jack Nicklaus = Santa Claus

Now you may scoff, but I have thought long and hard and worked out all the angles of this quagmire of deception!  Consider the following.

Fact number one: All pro golf tours END before winter!  Hmmm, just in time for the REAL season.

Fact number two: Let’s examine the name… Jack Frost… Old St. Nick… Santa Claus… they all conveniently merge into “Jack Nicklaus”.

Fact number three: The golfer seems jolly more often than not. 

Fact number four: Hauling a golf bag, hauling a sack full of toys… can we say “pre-season training”? 

Fact number five: What else is he supposed to do all year long? Make toys?  What’s the point in having a cheap, workforce on site if you’re gonna get your hands dirty?

All are these things coincidence?  I think not.  OK, they’re not really “facts” but I think this is some pretty damning evidence.  And finally…

Jack_2 Jack_with_bag_1

You can see it, can’t you?            

                – the weirdgirl