I need to make an amendment to the no-cape clause posted early.  I completely forgot about superheroes.  Capes work for superheroes.  I don’t know how this slipped past me, but it did.  Though, I notice superhero capes drape much more nicely than other capes; must be something in the construction, so maybe this is why I don’t lump them in with the usual drama kid variety.  Anyways, I just wanted to say for all the superheroes out there (or the wannabes)… capes are OK.  Just so we’re clear, capes are cool for ‘20s starlets, Gwen Stefani, and superheroes.  I’m sure this was keeping you all up at night.

I was thinking it would be fun to go as a superhero for Halloween this year.  I’ve never done the superhero thing.  But then my son is dressing up as a cow so I was also thinking I should coordinate with him.  Like maybe a milk-maid.  You know, just to up the geek-mom factor.  I guess I could combine the costumes… go as super milk-jug girl or something.  Only without the super-milk jugs.  sigh

It’s funny how, in the back of your mind, you kind of know you’re a bit odd but it doesn’t bother you too much or really intrude in your conscious day to day living.  You think, well everyone’s a little odd.  And then something will occur where you really comprehend, wow, I’m not normal.  Halloween did that for me.  Not in a take-it-way-over-board, live every day like it’s Halloween kind of way (though I have a buddy who spent three months decorating his ENTIRE house for Halloween, including drenching the bathrooms in fake blood, and I have to say he had some bitchin’ BITCHIN’ parties!) but in retrospect.  I love Halloween and enjoyed it just like every other kid.  I loved staying out late, running around loose without supervision, collecting as much candy as possible.  And I always wanted to be a witch.  I thought being a witch was the coolest costume ever.  Made me feel like I was really a part of Halloween.  This never seemed odd to me until all of my friends had kids, and every single little girl I knew over the years at some point wanted to be a princess for Halloween. 

Dressing as a princess NEVER occurred to me. 

Even to me, given the vast array of experiential data I’ve seen with these other little girls, it’s a little odd that I never wanted to be a princess.  It seems like a very usual little girl proclivity.  Especially considering how much I like shoes.  You’d think that would be a princess thing.  But witches did have those cool lace-up boots.  And capes.

Shit, this cape thing keeps fucking me up!  Are there any other cool cape things out there that I’m forgetting?                – the weirdgirl