I thought this was kind of fun, Katie picked up on a meme where you post pictures of your bookcase(s) at home.  Sort of a snapshot into your reading/organizational lifestyle.  It’s always interesting to see what people are reading.  (I know there’s also that cool online widget that randomly puts up the titles and pics of your library, but that’s much too much data entry for my taste so this bookcase pic thing fits me just fine.)  Plus, this meme is great for those days where you can’t get your brain together.  Which, for me, appears to involve the last couple of weeks.   (Where did my funny go?!)

Interestingly, my bookcases seem to reflect my schizophrenic personality.  The fact that I’m not even done unpacking and everything is in a slight state of disarray is more metaphorically insightful than I care to discuss right now, thanks. 

Without further ado… the library!  Da da DUN!

"Work" (the dream of dreams)   

And "play" (also an acceptable dream).  Since I had a car on my other shelves (the car I was going to buy before I got knocked up,  ahem… KEEN!), I thought I’d throw in a shoe and a teacup here, just so you’d know it was me.

Some more.  (Bored yet?)

Several of my books did not do well in storage (cardboard boxes in a basement, go figure).  Thus, giving that mold a little fresh air. 

"Mouldering with Cat" – Art show coming soon!

As for tags… well this one didn’t come with tags (score!) but if you’d like to share your bookcases (bring me your literary, your pulp, your porn) let me know… I’ll come read with you.
           – the weirdgirl