Ok, can’t say I’m pleased with this iPhone app. I have lost all network connection. Can’t figure out the problem yet and, really? Didnot feel like playing IT maven today. I’d really like technology tojust fucking work, thank you. How lame is it that I am sitting on my bathroom floor typing onmy phone? I am not a good texter.

Though, don’t get me wrong, phone, I have realized that you are my one true love. I can’t believe I wasted all those years with a human guy when I could have had you.

No offense Keen honey.

What? I can manage two guys.

Also, I have been trying to send out an Evite since Monday . Fucking system crashes every time I go to send. So… for those of you who know who you are… Yes we will be having the party. I might have to call you.

You know, I just REfUSE to type in that short hand emoti gobbledygook!
– wg