I was tagged with a meme by No Place Like It, which is
perfect because I was dithering about what to post (thanks Jennifer!). Thank goodness for brain-free days!

OK, this is the six things you don’t know about me
meme. I’ve done a couple
of this one before so… shoot, I guess I’ll have to use a bit of my brain today
after all. Or at least some memory cells. Without further ado…

1. I was on a runaway horse when I was five. The horse, apparently, got tired of trotting me around (to my heart’s delight) and decided to gallop through an orchard back to his barn so he could get dinner. I held on the whole time, crying. By the way, galloping through low-hanging branches hurts. After the horse was recaptured by the farmer one of my parents (I think it was my mom – sorry mom) asked me why I didn’t “jump off”? Even at five I considered this a dangerous and rather dumb suggestion. Surprisingly, the incident did not change my feelings toward horses. 

2. I really, really hate spinach and anything in the spinach family. Brussel sprouts, chard… it all makes me gag. And gag in that way that is totally uncontrollable (not the drama queen kind). I don’t care how it’s prepared and please don’t offer me any recipes. If I can taste the spinach I have gag issues. I can’t help it, my system doesn’t like spinach. (Lasagna is fine because I can’t taste it.)  

3. My first concert was Midnight Oil at a Great America theme park.  

4. I know it’s hard to fathom what with my lipstick and heels lifestyle, but I used to really love camping and I backpacked every summer as a teen. You know, where you take everything with you in one pack, your food, cooking utensils, soap, clothes and that’s it. That’s how you live. (I actually think backpacking is a great experience for kids. Self-sufficiency and self-esteem and all that.) I still love being in nature but my bones don’t enjoy sleeping on the ground so much anymore.

5. I don’t get hangovers. (Don’t hate me.) I WILL drink to the point of throwing up, do stupid stuff and make a fool of myself, but I don’t get the headaches the next morning or the blissful memory loss of said foolish acts. It’s probably the universe’s way of keeping me in line. 

6. Because I wear heeled shoes almost all the time, I occasionally have a brain fart and take Chance to the playground in my heels. Then I run around in the sand with him. (What? It’s the park!) And yes, the other moms, in their sensible shoes, look at me funny.


Oops, I forgot to tag anyone.  I think it’s supposed to
be six, but you know, free will and all, play only if you want to. Um… how about Lisa, Tuesday, Airwick, Katie, MIM (because
honey, we miss you) and Tony (even
though I know you’ve gotten tagged before) just for shits and giggles.  – wg