I’ve been seeing this quiz floating around and thought it would be fun to take (plus, I was having blogger’s block). These were my results…

Are You a Slacker Mom?

Your quiz results make you a Pretty in the City Mom

You might have a subscription to both Parenting Magazine and Vogue. While picking up a darling Easter outfit for your tyke at Bloomingdale’s you’re tempted to grab a pair of Manolo Blahniks for your own tootsies. You are a fabulous mom, and you take care of yourself fabulously, too.

Take this free personality test by Clicking Here>> or going to www.areyouaslackermom.com

soooooo… huh?!  I can’t really figure out how it came to these results. It did ask A question about what you do to relax (check all that apply) and I DID click shopping, as well as some other activities like reading, but… OK, I just don’t get the Parenting Magazine thing. I do have a subscription, but only because some maternity shop or other signed me up for it free without my knowledge. I’m currently using past issues to hold down my couch cover (you know, when you shove rolled up magazines into the creases of your couch? It really does work!).  I do love to shop… but Vogue, Bloomingdales, Manolo’s?  Excuse me, I don’t read Vogue, I don’t shop at Bloomi’s and I resent being stereotyped this way (all right, the shoes would be pretty nifty).  Yes, I read Lucky, but it’s NOT the same thing!  And this quiz really hasn’t given me a "slacker" rating.  I mean, I did the quiz for the slacker rating! 

What?  Are they inferring that if you like to shop you must be slacker?  ‘Cause that is JUST WRONG! 

I am so offended.              – the weirdgirl*    

*Now with PMS!