My old buddy Fuzz
has once again led me to the wonders of the Internet… the latest of his great finds,
Marry Our Daughter.  This site made me think about the other helpful,
revenue-generating services that our society just hasn’t explored yet, sites
that could be a benefit to everyone involved if only we have the vision and the
balls to try them.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I have those balls. 

I’d like to propose a similar service… Rent My Husband

For those single gals, single moms, or anyone who’d like the
benefits of occasionally having a man in the house without the permanence! And for those married ladies and families who’d
like to generate a little extra income by capitalizing on their husband’s unique

Rent-a-husbands would be great for an endless variety of tasks,
including opening jars, fixing things, yardwork, scaring away that stalker ex, and
other “husbandly duties”. (nudge nudge wink

Just like on Marry Our Daughter, families/wives who want to
take advantage of the service could write up a pithy description of their
husband’s skills and attributes, set a rental price and voila! start earning
some dough.

I can already see the glowing testimonials

“I love the service! Jim, my regular rent-a-husband, is great at scratching those household
itches and when he starts rambling on about sports or his political beliefs I
can just send him home!” 

– Carrie, single mom and renter

“As the mother to five kids I felt exhausted all the time
and like I couldn’t quite keep up.  Now that
I’m renting out my hubby, during downtime he’s fine when I just want to take a
nap.  And the extra income isn’t bad

– SueAnn

“We’re both much happier now that we’re using the service. It gives me a little more time alone in the
house, let’s Bob “try new things”, and it’s helping fund our son’s daycare!”  

  – Martha and Bob

“I’ve been really pleased by the performance of my rent-a-husband
and I’m looking forward to trying some of the other husbands as well.”

 Samantha, renter

Now excuse me, I’m off to write Keen’s ad… I’m betting with
his cooking skills I can get quite a good price off of him!       – the weirdgirl