I’ve noticed more and more on the web people have been discussing books they’ve read, reviewed, shared, etc.  Since most (not all) of the blogs I read tend towards parenting most of these books have been about child development and so on. 

I decided to jump on in and share the last few books I have read recently (in order):

The Coyote Kings of the Space-Age Bachelor Pad, by Minister Faust (currently reading)

Ultimate X-Men, hardbound #1-12, story by Mark Millar

Definitely Dead (Southern Vampire Novel), by Charlaine Harris

Paths Not Taken, by Simon R. Green (it’s still SF/Fantasy, not self-help like it sounds)

Hidden Warrior, by Lynn Flewelling (ditto)

I’m sensing a rather large disparity between what I hear the other parents are reading and what I am reading.  *cough*   I would feel guilty except that I thoroughly enjoyed every single thing I’ve read, though I will admit there seems to be a certain lack in intellectual or educational tomes here.  (I DO read Scientific American and Zyzzyva (for the poetry) but that reading is squashed between perusing Maxim and Lucky magazines so I think they all cancel each other out.  Plus, I usually do most journal reading in the bathroom and I think that automatically deducts intellectual brownie points regardless of how high-brow the magazine might be.  I mean, you’re sitting on the crapper!)  I actually do think reading child development books is a great idea and one that a good parent should do!  I even have a list of them on my Amazon wishlist waiting to be bought.  But since I haven’t run into any major childrearing problems yet (or at least none that appealing to the people of the web – or as I like to call them, POW wisdom! – haven’t been able to solve) I’ve been basically… well… procrastinating.

There.  I admit it.  I haven’t done my homework.

Bad mommy.  Bad.

I didn’t even read much while I was pregnant because, frankly, my brain didn’t work too good then.  I have some basic child reference books that have been very helpful, but I can’t honestly say I’ve read anything cover to cover.  They just don’t have good character development in those child-rearing books, and the plots are so predictable.

So I’d really like to know… what are you all reading?  (parenting books or otherwise)

             – the weirdgirl