It was a late night last night.  Obviously, since I’m only getting my shit together now, I’ve been a little slow today.  And it’s past 11:00pm.  Here’s a conglomeration of several mini-posts. 

The Bon Jovi concert last night rocked!  It was really, really good.  Great energy.  Even though it was dumping rain so there were many a concert-goer soaking wet.  I hadn’t seen them before but Keen Dad saw them back in the Slippery When Wet days.  That Axl, he knows how to put on a show (and he looks so much better not being all skinny anymore).  Funny thing, remember back in the day when you’d see clips of their concerts and there would always be ten million hot chicks in bustiers trying to get Axl’s attention?  Well, it’s all the same girls, in the same tops, but we’re all looking a little more matronly now, if ya know what I’m saying.  (Some people even brought their kids.  And, I swear to god, I saw a text message from a concert goer on the big screen (they do that now) that read, “Shout out to blah blah blah. Wish you were here. Love GRANDMA.”)  Nothing like rocking it out to make you feel young.  But, you know, props to all the moms who got out of the house.  At least it wasn’t a sea of black clothing, like at the Depeche Mode concert.   

Is it just me or do the Wiggles’ outfits look a little like Star Trek uniforms?  I think it’s also they way they walk jauntily around, or something.  I keep waiting for a green chick to pop out from behind a rock.  It kind of ups the nerd factor, and not in a good way.  (Come on, you all know, I’m pro-nerd, as the “green chick” sentence just proved.)  I know kids love these guys but I’m having a bit of trouble taking them seriously.  Why was I watching the Wiggles then, you ask?  Because on the other channel was Miffy and for some reason Miffy, that damn bunny, really gets on Mommy’s nerves.  I find myself thinking dark, dangerous, rabbit-unfriendly thoughts when I watch Miffy.  There is just something about that show that irks me.

Dora kind of gets on my nerves, too, but as bad.  I’ll be really happy when the kid is old enough to watch anime.  What?  That’s not a goal of motherhood?

I have yet to finish the second round of Roomba tests.  Mainly because I haven’t reloaded my closet from the drywall repair.  I’ll get around to it.  However, if anyone wants me to try any particular tests with the Roomba – you know, dump some dirt, make it go up walls – drop me a line.

What’s up with this whole “renter” thing?  I’ve been seeing that a lot on blogs lately.  It has something to do with “credits” and… well, I find it all very confusing.  Can someone explain it to me?  Would I get to shop?  Even though I’ve been doing this blog thing for a while now, there are still days where I feel hopelessly out of the loop.  Sometimes, while I’m spooning mush into poor Chance’s mouth, I get the sneaking suspicion I’m missing some major going-ons.  Out there.  Somewhere.  Or is that just a perpetual mom thing?            – the weirdgirl