I was tagged by Summer
with a meme!  I’ve noticed that not
nearly as many memes circulate as they used to, but I still think they’re fun
every once in a while.  Great for the end
of the week especially.  This is a nice short one.

5 Things About Me

  1. Even
    though I’m half Hispanic I am very fair (it’s the Irish side).  I LOVE to sport a light tan in the summer
    (real or not) but every time I sit out in the sun I secretly worry that
    for every oh-so-light shade of tan I build I’m also creating another grey
    hair somewhere on my body.  There’s
    only so much melanin to go around.
  2. I am a
    tea junkie.
  3. I
    totally believe in ghosts.  (discuss)
  4. Every
    time I fill out a survey or form that asks for “highest level of education
    completed” I feel bad about not finishing my MA.  The rest of the time I feel fine about
  5. I’m a
    sucker for small pretty things, such as marbles, shells, and rocks.  I think this also partly explains why I
    make jewelry even though I don’t wear it a lot.

I now tag Andrea,
Hannah, Lori (to get back in your
blogging groove), Jason, and Jennifer to continue the fine meme
tradition.  Have go!            – wg