I’m officially in love with Californication! That new show with David Duchovny? Even though I got all snarky about the name
on another blog’s comments, I’ve got to take it all back. Well, I still don’t like the name. I just don’t like made up, cutesy words… you
know, like ginormous and chillax and crap like that. (Except for the name “Hygena”, that one just
makes me laugh.) Plus, the Chili Peppers
have really played out their whole California theme ad nauseum. And I live here. I don’t know about the rest of you but every
time I hear “Dani
”, I start singing “Mary Jane’s Last Dance”.

Anyway, Californication makes me laugh in the same way Psych does (but, you know, with
the naughty instead of the eighties jokes). It’s also nice that the show is dialed in; they assume their audience
knows what a mashup is or a blog and they just make their oblique references
and don’t explain anything. After having
to explain certain terms to family members who seriously should know better
(and more than once, I might add), I kind of appreciate that.

Don’t mind my blathering… Keen still hasn’t watched our
Tivo’d shows and I have no one to gush with. (I’m nagging him something

It’s all good.            – wg