There is a catchy little tune sung on Sesame Street. It’s called the Honker Ducky Dinger Jamboree and features Ernie and the usual musical monsters. The lyrics pretty much follow the title but it’s also punctuated with actual honking and dinging and rubber ducky squeaking.  It’s quite upbeat.  It always gets stuck in my head and I’ll wander around the house singing this song. 

Except I really shouldn’t. 

I cannot for the life of me sing this song!  I try, because you know, kids like to be sung to.  And it’s fun, right?  Everyone wants a fun household!  However, here are some examples of the manglings that have come out of my mouth.

hucky ducky donger

honker donker dingy

honky ducker dinger

honker dicky donger

honky donkey dinger

And of course, the ever popular…

Honky donkey donger jamboree!  The honky donkey donger jamboree!

Maybe a bit too much fun.  Maybe all that rubber squeaking and ducky dinging are more public service announcement than I suspected.  Obviously something subliminal is creeping into my vocalizations.  It can’t be me (world class mom) that’s demented, right?  It MUST be the puppets!            – the weirdgirl