The words that a
father speaks to his children in the privacy of home are not heard by the
world, but, as in whispering galleries, they are clearly heard at the end, and
by posterity.

            – Richter

Dads, in this modern era, get a bum rap. They have inherited (and have to fight) all
the previous generations’ assumptions about the disinterest of fathers. The dads I know and the dads I read are so
far from “disinterested” it makes the old assumptions implausible. And although I share the common opinion that
fathers of old weren’t as involved as fathers today, I do think there were still good dads in there down through the
ages. How else would we have gotten such
great dads today? (There is no “versus”,
I believe in nature AND nurture.)

So to all the amazing, involved, loving dads out there, my
hat is off to you.  I’d like to proclaim
you all…


Hope your father’s day is a good one!            – wg