It’s time to share some shopping love here at wg’s!  Here are some of the guides, links, and shops
I’ve found extremely helpful during this and past holiday seasons.

and Liz really do a fantastic job
scouring the web for cool finds. The Cool Mom Picks Holiday Guide is
great! I’ve already shopped off this
fabulous list.

Cool Mom Picks Holiday Guide

The very lovely and talented KC from All the World’s A Stage has finally launched her own craft
shop. I LOVE the wristlet purses made
from vintage ties! So cute!

The BlogHer ladies have a great page with holiday tips,
covers everything from shopping in particular genres (such as Sarah’s guide to that
sports fan in your life) to avoiding depression through the holidays.

And… ahem… my own shop, which is kind of a mess right now
and a friend and I are in the midst of merging our t-shirts together and I’m
still working on the site design… but if you want to check it out. (I’ll launch more officially soon.)


Now for something completely not-so different. It occurred to me that I have collected quite
the mix of shopping bookmarks in the last couple of years. Whenever I embark on a Project I have to
search the web first, especially gift projects. I thought it would be fun to do a link dump. You might find something you’ve been looking
for or something you hadn’t thought of OR you might learn more about me that
you really didn’t want to know. Either
way, enjoy. (Warning: this guide is
heavy on the life sciences, because all the kids I know like that stuff.)

WG’s List of Random,
Weird, & Bulk Shopping Items
– (because sometimes you just need to buy
stuff in bulk)

Butterflies and other buggy specimens

Venus Fly Traps and other flesh eating plants – (These were
gifts for Keen. He wanted some for his office to creep people out.)

Seashells – (Look, we don’t have many seashells on the West
Coast. All you East Coast people stop laughing!)

4M Toys – This company has some really cool science-y and
craft kits for kids, but they don’t ship in the
US. However, if you browse their
products and then type the name into eBay you can usually find a distributor.
Last time I ordered from a guy in Australia.


Toys for Adults (not that kind!)

T-shirts – Completely blank and dirt cheap, when you just
don’t feel like going to Target.

Pinup and Vintage-inspired Clothing (because it’s HOT!)

Leather – Also dirt cheap, however I haven’t ordered from
this place yet so I can’t attest to the quality.

What great online shops have you found? Or… plug your own shop!

    – wg