Well, there have been some interesting lines, songs, and words contributed by you grand folks.  And I admit this whole experiment has sent me back to prepubescent camp days (and maturity levels).  Check these out. 

First up, things your kids are singing.

"What’s Wrong With Your Ass" from Summer’s daughter.

"Up the butt the world so high" during Twinkle Twinkle Little Star from demmom.  (I SO have days like this.)

And from Foradifferentkindofgirl’s boys, everyone’s favorite word… butt munch!   (Ha ha, butt munch.  Yes, I AM three.)  This one definitely needs to be worked into a song.


A song contributed by Muddleman (I’d really love to hear the tune to this.)

I am a villain, a dirty rotten villain,
I leave a trail of blood wherever I go, I go
I take delight, in stirring up a fight
I beat babies on the head until they’re dead

I have gotten, a rap for being rotten
I put poison on my grandma’s shredded wheat
I eat
raw meat

I fell from a window
a second story window
and caught my eyelash on a sill
a sill

Go get an axe
there’s a fly on baby’s mustache

A boy’s best friend is his mother
your a liar
your another
my father shot a horse

Yay, father!


Variations of Twinkle, Twinkle seem to very popular.  There is even a version on my son’s potty chair, that surprisingly doesn’t use the word tinkle.  However, Jason’s suggestion cracks me up…
"Tinkle, Tinkle on the Neighbors Car"   Classic!  I’ve got to remember this if the neighbor’s piss me off.


This one’s by me.  Sung to the tune of Fraere Jacques (And I have no idea how to spell frare. I
suck at French.)  Words suggested (duodenum and expunge) by Evyl (who is living up to his name. Evyl, I’m still working on those other words you threw me.)

Duodenum, duodenum, shoots out food
Expunge those greasy burgers,
fries and pepper poppers,
all brown now, all brown now.

(For this to truly be a kids’ song it should end with farting sounds.)


And another one, words suggested (Schwinn, slackers, and snakes) by Jade. Sung to the tune of Twinkle, Twinkle.

Banana Seat Love

Darling boyfriend, you’re a slacker,
Saw you with her, want to smack her,
Our love I thought would never shake
Once down my back you dropped that snake,
I passed you notes, you passed them back.
(Hopped-up words are ‘tweener smack.)

Crushed to see her on your bike,
Looking like a gap-mouthed pike.
She’s so ugly, you’re so mean,
Hope your teeth turn spotted green.
You’ll never get my love again.
(Unless you let me ride your Schwinn.)

– the weirdgirl