Cynical Dad Chag tagged me (I love that that rhymes) with this weird and random facts meme (which was fun but hard… you know, the sort of meme where you can’t think of anything until after you’ve posted and gone to bed).  And ala CCG, I am doing 10 for me (the MeMe) and 10 for Chance (the HeHe). 

MeMe: 10 Weird and Random Facts

1. I talk in my sleep and (half) sleepwalk (usually I wake myself up as I’m getting out of bed).  It is not unusual for me to sit bolt upright in bed and begin talking.  I’ve scared the shit out of Keen several times doing this.

2. I once worked as an editor for a publisher who was also a psychic. While I was reading submissions in the front office, she used to hold séances / “psychic consultations” in the back room.

3. Séances give me stomach aches.

4. Permanent hair dye will not stay in my hair.  (I have to use semi-permanent.)

5. I dye my hair burgundy/auburn red.  My real hair is actually honey-colored.  (Though ironically, the drapes now match the carpet.  Is that TMI?)

6. Even though I studied literature (with a capital L), I love pulp fiction and would love to write paperbacks/comic books. 

7. I like to spread peanut butter (or jelly or whatever) evenly to the edges of the bread when I’m making a sandwich.  Keen seems to think that this is incredibly weird for some reason and made me include it here.

8. Halloween is my favorite holiday.  When I was a little girl I never wanted to dress as a princess, I always wanted to be the witch.

9. I like to watch TV shows aimed at teenagers.

10. I like boxing, but don’t get to watch it much.

HeHe: 10 Weird and Random Facts about Chance

1. Chance is named after a character from a TV show called Strange Luck.  It wasn’t that we really loved the character; we just thought the name was cool.    

2. He sucks in the sides of his cheeks when he’s thinking.

3. When he really likes his food he also loves to suck in the sides of his cheeks or lips until he makes a fishy face and a “smack” sound.  He’ll do this several times in a row.

4. “Hotel California” was playing, loudly, in the operating room when he was delivered.   

5. He loves to be naked and makes for the hills as soon as his diaper is off.

6. Sometimes he’ll stick his tongue out when he smiles (like I do).

7. He’s starting to “dance” when he hears songs he likes.

8. He likes to tackle the cats and rubs his face in their bellies.  He’s only managed to catch one of the cats to do this. 

9. Chance is already fascinated by cars. 

10. I’ve seen him manage to get the lid off a childproof container twice. That’s gotta be a defect, right?   

I cannot remember who may have done this one so… I’m tagging Adventure Dad, Growing Up Too Fast, JW at I Was Asked, and  Metro Dad because I wanna hear what they say.  Smiles!             – the weirdgirl