Can I just talk about how much Kenley of Project Runway fame is getting on my nerves?  I don't usually take a strong dislike to people on TV (because it's TV), but really… it is like she is fraying my nerves with a stitch ripper.  I feel a little bad because she actually looks a lot like my hairdresser (whom I adore and is also into super cute retro looks) and whenever I first see her (Kenley) I think, "How cute!" but then she just opens her mouth and rolls her eyes disdainfully and it's all over.  She is also loud.  When you can tell a person is louder than everyone around them through the TV – especially since TV production crews have that magic of sound control – there's a problem.  And she is rather cackle-ly.  And I am the first person to appreciate a really good cackle because there are times when a cackle just conveys a certain spirit and energy and non-conformist – I might even say, risque – comraderie that simply works in the everyday mostly (sadly) cackle-less world (my mom, for example, can let loose a great cackle)… but when Kenley does it it just sounds cocky and mean.  Cackling Kenley, I think that's my new nickname for her.

I'd invite her to wear a pointy hat but being a fan of witches I'd just be insulting myself.  She's already insulting cacklers.

And no one talks to Tim Gunn that way.

Carry on.           – wg