I seem to be getting a lot of hits lately but not many comments.  I figure they can’t ALL be from the semi-pornographic swimsuit shots.  So I’m asking folks to delurk!  If you’ve been coming by, give me a shout out and (hopefully) a URL and I’ll stop by to see you, too.

And for those who regularly comment (I love you guys) it’s VENTING DAY!  Go ahead and get anything you want off your chest.  We all need a moment once in a while to bitch.  I’ll start off the festivities  by listing a few of my most favorite-to-hate children cartoons that I am forced to listen to for the love of my child.  OK, some of them I just flat out banned, but the rat bastards still occasionally sneak their way in.  (Nothin’ like being house-bound a few days to remind one how irritating these cartoons can be.)

Dora the Explorer – I just don’t like you.  (Though I can tolerate you as June in the Little Einsteins.)  And stop shouting!  Makes my ears bleed.

Go Diego Go – So. On. Drugs!  He and his cousin are just too hyper.

The Doodlebops – Banned.  At one point, since Chance likes music so much I decided to give them a try. THANK GOD, he didn’t get sucked into them right away because I can’t stand these people. (Except for Moe, of course, he’s cool.)  Dee Dee Doodle makes me hurl.   

Johnny and the Sprites – Whenever I watch this show I can hear Simon Cowell’s critiques of "stage camp" and "godawful cruise show" in my head. 

The Wiggles – Banned.  I can’t even begin.  OK, I can… people keep talking about how cute they are… WHAT?! 

Barney – Banned, of course.  It’s just idiotic.  And I really object to it on the principles of poetic meter  As in, they don’t seem to understand the concept and I don’t need them teaching my kid to butcher rhythm.  I mean, when you can’t even follow the basic meter of a nursery rhyme that you’ve co-opted you’re pretty fucking lame.  My God! You can’t even track with "Mary Had A Little Lamb"?!  What’s wrong with you people?  (Yes, I can get worked up about this.  Yes, I am a poetry snob.) 

Teletubbies – Unfortunately, Chance, like a lot of kids, is mesmerized by the Teletubbies.  Aaaaaand I…. occasionally… let him watch it.  Especially when I have a work deadline.  I know, I know!  I don’t think it makes me a bad mommy so much, as just a reprehensible human being.  But don’t worry, I do hate myself. 

So what’s been bugging you?             – wg