I haven’t tried on any of the skirts I own in months.  Let’s just say the last time I tried this experiment it was a dismal failure.  In 20-20 hindsight, it was probably a little too soon after having the kid (you moms out there know what I’m talking about – jiggle tummy… and jiggle everything else, too).  But… I had started to lose a little weight, at the time I needed a skirt ensemble for going out to dinner, and I was hopelessly, sadly optimistic about the entire venture.  I thought that because some of my skirts were on the large size pre-pregnancy I might be able to still get into them.  Boy, was I wrong.

However, today is a new day and another new weight and I’m feeling up for another dive into the old closet.  With the coming of fall I’ve been feeling very collegiate goth lately –  you know, black tights, chunky sweaters, boots – and I’ve got a little black plaid number in there somewhere that would just do the trick.  I’m also 34, you know.  And I KNOW the What Not To Wear rule, “no miniskirts after 35”.  That only gives me a year to cram in all my miniskirt-wearing adventures.  And yes, you can have adventures in miniskirts, usually proceeded by one-too-many drinks.  (Stacy and Clinton would probably frown on the thigh-high stockings as well.  I guess I should retire those.)

SO!  If this next closet-dive turns out fortuitously, here are the questions for which I am in dire need of answers… If I don’t look 35, can I still get away with wearing miniskirts?  (I’m just trying to extend the adven… ahem, lifetime of the skirts, you see.)  And, if I do wear a miniskirt while pushing my stroller down the street, will that only make me look like a hoochie mom? 

(Classy MILF is OK, however.  I trust you all understand the distinction.)    

         – the weirdgirl