This really is the perfect name for a rock band, don’t you think?  It’s funny, it’s edgy.  It could be the fun, don’t-take-themselves-too-seriously pop rock band who does Gap commercials. Or it could be the hardcore punk or metal group with the out-of-control concerts, slinging stuff at the crowds.  (It probably couldn’t be Jack Johnson, but then who can?)  Either way Chunky Poop has got hipster written all over it.  (Or maybe pre-written, like when they’re still “it’s all about the music” indie and haven’t sold out yet.)  Of course anyone smart enough to pick a name such as Chunky Poop would be savvy about paving the way to selling out even as they hold on to their stick-it-to-the-man roots. Visualize the “I Like Chunky Poop” t-shirts, or the bumper stickers: “I Got Me Some Chunky Poop”.

Anyway,  HOW did I come up with such marketing brilliance, you ask?  Well, it involved my son… and some carrots.  And thus continues the adventures of my son eating grown-up food.  Having a bit of time on your hands helps as well.

So really, am I the only one who would wear a Chunky Poop t-shirt?  ‘Cause I think there’s a real (hilarious) market here.             – wg