I got tagged with this meme by Matthew at childsplayx2 a couple of weeks ago, but I didn’t realize I had been tagged because that was when my back was out and I was off the Internet, much to my dismay (and a little to my worriment).  I mean, dismay caused by being off the Internet, not the meme.  And I mean worrisome as I really shouldn’t be so attached to my DSL connection, should I?  Hmmm, food for thought.  Anyway.  Once I managed to catch up on my reading I found the tag.  I reckoned it would be a good way to start off the new year because I had to REALLY THINK to remember what the hell I was doing 10 years ago and so I thought thinking and remembering in general might be a good thing to begin the new year with.  And also because I don’t DO resolutions.  I just keep a rolling five year plan in my head most of the time and try to work to it.  (How anal is that?) 

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2. Queen of Spain
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2) Phil
3) Mary
4) Igmar
5) Kim 

What were you doing 10 years ago?
I was just about to finish my BA in English Lit.  And yes, it took me longer than average (seven years) to finish the usual four-year degree, primarily because I was working all through school and I had a nasty bout of mono in the middle and another semester where I was just burnt out and took off school to work more hours.  (In retrospect, I probably should have taken off work to do some more schooling.)  I also had just quit a really AWFUL crappy job that I hated and was sexist to boot and whose management suddenly decided that sorry, I wouldn’t be able to work 32 hours a week, I would HAVE to work 40 hours a week regardless of whether I had school because they SAID SO.  I think they were honestly surprised when I quit.  Like, exactly what did they expect me to do?  Cave and give up school?  (pshaw)  Anyways, I started selling candles at home shows next (sort of like Tupperware) which gave me enough flexibility to finish the really screwy class schedule you always get towards the end of a degree.  And here I have to give props to my wonderful friends and my then-boyfriend-now-husband who drove me and all of my candle equipment to my shows because I didn’t have a car (or a license) because I couldn’t afford to both go to school and own a car.  You know, it really says a lot about the quality of friends you have when they’re willing to help you out with that kind of crap.  Thank you, you guys.  (Yes, I’m still friends with all of them.)

Oh, and I got a car right after I graduated.  My beige 66 VW bug that I’m going to restore completely one day (see millionaire entry).

What were you doing one year ago?

One year ago I was trying to convince my OB/GYN that no really, I’m retaining A LOT of water, much more than is normally retained… but I had inherited my OB halfway through the pregnancy so he had never seen me pre-pregnancy (I was really thin) and so he kept insisting that I “looked fine”.  I lost 23 pounds of water weight after giving birth.  I was miserable and moaning and the pregnancy made my brain all mushy.  And for some reason, I kept freaking out that I had NO SHEETS for the baby.   

Five snacks you enjoy:

1) cookies!
2) chocolate-covered pretzels
3) chocolate (see a theme?)
4) Cheese puffs
5) Ranch-flavored anything

Five songs to which you know all the lyrics:

I know A LOT of song lyrics so, of course, I drew a blank when I came to this one.  In fact, I can usually sing the song but not remember the name of the band or the song title.  Which came in really handy with Rock & Roll Jeopardy’s “finish the lyric” category (when it was still on), but isn’t very useful for much else. 

1) currently, anything musical that plays on Noggin
2) also any toy of my son’s that plays music

Five things you would do if you were a millionaire:
1) Buy a bigger house (seriously, our house is tiny, too small for another kid)
2) Take care of family / invest money
3) Set up a scholarship fund
4) Restore my ‘66 VW bug  (this has only been on my list for 10 years)
5) Travel

Five bad habits:
1) I say “sorry” a lot (I’m getting better, though)
2) I bite/chew on my lip
3) Sometimes my mind starts drifting off in the middle of a conversation, not only when the other person is talking but when I’m talking, too… that can’t be a good thing.
4) I scratch at my skin when I shouldn’t (particularly if I’ve broken out… I know, gross)
5) I expect people to understand my humor

Five things you like doing:
1) Spending time with my kid
2) Reading and writing
3) Working (and then spending my hard-earned cash)
4) Gardening
5) Going to spas and other hedonistic pleasures (see #3)

Five things you would never wear or buy again:
1) Scrunchy socks (can’t do it, sorry)
2) those blouses that tie into bows at the neck (my mom made me wear one once)
3) “big” shoes such as Doc Martins (they’re extremely comfortable but now I just trip over them; and heels make your legs look much more sexy)
4) tapered jeans
5) muscle shirts

Five favorite toys:
1) my laptop
2) DVR (especially the 10-second “back” button)
3) my car (my new one, it goes fast!)
4) cartoons
5) um, can this last one be food or clothing items?