Just so you know, I blame the Internet for everything.  Because really it is the source of SO MUCH!  For example,

I blame the Internet…

For the time suck games on Facebook

For making me feel vaguely concerned about such things as Klout and "Like" pages

For writing blog posts instead of working on my novel

For being deeply concerned that no one sets zombies on fire!  Really, it's a solution!

For giving me a false sense of social interaction

For relying on spellcheck

For considering online shopping while drunk (shoes!)

For feeling guilty

For gross videos that I CAN'T STOP WATCHING!

For not being able to keep track of my passwords by myself

For providing a real-time framework for existentialism


The meme: Just copy or add to this list, or create your own list of things you blame the Internet for, then pass it on! If you tag ten friends then you will have good luck with Twitter all day!