Today I turned 35.  I’ve been trying to come up with something to post, maybe something meaningful, maybe something funny… but I got nothing.  I suppose I could whine poetic about feeling my age, and now being officially part of the SYSTEM, and how it’s all downhill from here, blah blah blah… except I don’t.  Feel all that old, I mean (well, OK, except for that whole aging EGGS thing, I am feeling the pressure on that a bit… which I totally blame on media-induced hysteria… and, um, medical science).  I basically have felt about the same "age" for quite a few years now.  I think I stopped around 28 or 29, except, of course, for the benefit of increased paychecks and added wisdom and more confidence and all that.  Woohoo!  (When I hear about teenagers sincerely depressed because they’re leaving highschool and the "best time of their life" behind I always think, "What are you NUTS?  Life gets SO much better after you grow up!!" But maybe that’s just me.)

"Growing up" within reason, of course. I am SO not giving up the cartoons, or video games, or my love of Sesame Street and School House Rocks.  I mean, let’s be reasonable.  I’m just adding in great restaurants and wine tasting and too many pairs of shoes.  (Though I’d like to point out that the term "too many" in conjunction with "shoes" is highly debatable.)

So anyway… crap, I still got nothing.  I’m a little distracted because I’m still having difficulties with my computer.  Now my wireless isn’t working.  And that was really the whole point of buying a new computer, ya know?  (Well, one of the reasons.)  *grumble grumble mutter*  Posting might be a bit slow until I get everything worked out.

But that’s OK.  You know, just mentioning shoes in a post always cheers me up.  (Yeah, I’m weird like that.)  And I’m going out to an adult-only dinner tonight (yay!) at a nice restaurant.  Yep, so far, 35 is feeling pretty good.            

                  – the weirdgirl