While the weirdgirl continues her vacation away from the internet, I get the chance to stray from my usual cake decorating and cake photography.  A guest post by Jeanne Diaz of AJ's Moonlight Bakery

In my spare time, I like to take odd perspective shots that challenge the normal view of everyday objects.  In a hotel room with the '70s textured glass separating the bathroom counter from the room counter (envision the cheapest casino hotel room on the Reno strip, lost in the '70s), I took a shot of the glass.  I thought it looked like a cityskape.  The flash illuminated a single dot near the top with six glowing dots around it, and the toiletries were blurred at the bottom.  It was like the sun shining down on shapes that looked like buildings.  Was I just high?  My grandma thought it was a picture of maggots.

So now I want to find out what my latest shot resembles, or if you can guess what it really is.  For the fabulous prize of Bragging Rights (and possibly a cool "Winner" button from the weirdgirl when she returns because she knows how to do that and she's not here to say no), tell me what you see. 

DSC03170-1 Compressed

Hint:  this was taken from inside the weirdgirl house and Keen loves it. 

Another hint:  Keen does not love maggots.


AJ's Moonlight Bakery