TOday we went to the Great Stomp Off. Which is like a harvest kicki off festival thing at a winery.  Thye have wine stomping contests and everything.  Keen won a bunch of olive oil at the salame tos s.  I totally suck at the salame toss. It’s really kind o fsad. I couldn’t even get it ion the closest bucket.  I’m sure that’s metaphoriclly or somehitng.  This is probably not a food idea to blog drink. 

I have not drunk in so long.

What the ffuck man? I can’t even type. (it took a long time to type extermities)

I probably wold have gotten drunk at Blogher but the wine wasn’t as ggod as it was tofay.

{Please make a note .

I think me and Kittenpie are havin  a pencil skirt showdown but I think I need to vheck on that.