This week has been a little nuts.  We had some tantrum episodes because once I typed about how things were fine, I jinxed myself.  Again. I really gotta stop doing that.  And I LOVE me some Halloween!  But when did it move from one day of the year to a several day event?  As a society, we're not managing expectations well. 


Day 02 – Something you love about yourself.

I love that I'm a creative person.  I like thinking differently from the norm.  Even if it makes me a little quirky.  I like making things.  I like looking at something and seeing what else I could make it into, or making something brand new from scratch.  I love all forms of art.  I love other creative people, new ideas, new points of view.  I enjoy playing with words and being witty.  I don't always manage to be witty but the days where my brain cells line up the right way I like spinning a funny story or coming up with an outrageous scenario.  Just for my own enjoyment.  I don't always say the right thing.  I don't think I say the wrong thing but I know I sometimes say things people don't expect.  Or maybe are not supposed to be said?  I'm not always good at those social clues; at the fitting in with certain crowds.  I know I'm supposed to care more about that but I don't.  In high school where I was definitely branded a nerd weirdo, it hurt but I wasn't going to change who I was.  Frankly, I enjoy my own creative temperament.  I probably entertain myself way more than I entertain other people.  (And I totally find that funny.)

Being a kid is hard because you haven't realized yet that not everyone thinks in the same way(s).  So if you're creative, or just think a little differently, it can be painful.  Finding friends, resisting pressure, feeling comfortable being yourself.  As adults it gets easier, of course, by then you've met people who want to be creative and struggle with it.  I appreciate it more now.  I love being creative.  In my mind there are more ups than downs. (Except for the sad support of poetry in our current culture, but that's another rant.)

Even though this week has been nuts this is the time of the year I get to immerse myself in it, the quirkiness and the hot glue, the glory of building and the disaffected off center.  The other.  It's rather delicious. 

You know one of the things I love about this 30 days thing?  I don't have to think up a title!

Irony noted.                  – wg