Day 06 – Something you hope you never have to do

I'm just refusing to do this one on principle. I'm a parent. I think this one is pretty obvious for most parents and one of the things you don't do is talk about it or write it down!  It is not just superstition, we don't do this because it can send oneself into anxiety palpitations. Seriously.  Who the fuck made up this list?

So I had to take my car into the shop, or rather, the dealership, for it's "annual service" which is just plain ridiculous because in six years I've driven it 34,000 miles.  Yeah, I don't go anywhere or do anything fabulous.  I am grandma chic, turbo-charged.  However, oil changes and all that so in it goes.  The car drives like a dream but last year the five-year warranty ran out so guess what they found this year?!  Yeah, a big ol' leak and a cracked plastic cap that costs like $400 bucks.  (I can live with cracked plastic, thanks. The oil leak, not so much. Oh, the leak cost way more than $400. I just couldn't believe the price tag for plastic these days.)  Anywho, me being SO fabulous and on the go to fabulous locations like kindergarten and Target they gave me a loaner.  It is an AUTOMATIC.  Watching me drive down the street must have been hilarious as my foot insisted that the brake pedal was really the clutch.  I also don't know what the hell to do with my hands.  This is why people start texting in the car, isn't it?

So something I hope I never have to do, from the deep down bottom of my heart, is be without a manual transmission.

Thank you for your future adherence in this matter.