So I've never done this but this year I decided to participate in national novel writing month! I've always considered it a really good
exercise but never seriously thought about doing it because I was always
juggling too many things.  But this year my schedule is free and
clear!  Except… I haven't officially signed up or done any actual
writing.  whoops!  But I figure we're only a week in so I can crank out
that novel in three weeks, right?  (I'm shooting for a short novel. 
Maybe novella-esque.)  I have gone to a composting class and I've
started to paint my office.

Ya gotta have the right environment, see? 

(And that apparently includes… um, compost.)
Oh yeah, and Saturday was our 11th wedding anniversary!  So… I went
to a composting class and Keen went to a hockey game.  That sounds
horrible but we did have a nice weekend just chillin at home.  Plus,
we've kind of gotten to that point in our relationship where we're
saving it up for the BIG anniversaries. Ya know?  For example, in
February will be our 20th first date anniversary.  I know, right?! 
We're fricking old!

I can never remember those anniversary year theme things, but I'm
pretty sure 20 years is the Shoe Anniversary.  Honey, there are some
really nice boots out right now.  Especially, nice gothy lace-ups or
something with some hardware on it.  hint

OK, let's see… novel writing, compost, anniversary… wow, I really thought I had a point in there somewhere. Apologies.

          – wg