My Little
bootleg project (for Chance’s upcoming birthday) has been coming
along nicely. I managed to hack together
a nice looking invite (understand I’m not a graphic artist so it’s a learning process every time I do a new
project – but I’m getting better! (and I’ve worked with graphic artists in the
past so I’m picky)), I’ve got layouts ready for t-shirt iron-ons, and I had
planned to do stickers but instead I found… MAGNET PAPER! This stuff is so cool! You put it through your regular printer and
then cut the magnets to shape. I kid you
not! I am so excited I must have turned
into one of those crafty moms along the way somewhere. Actually, what’s kind of cool (again, “cool”
seems to be the word of the day) is how many craft projects you can do without
having any talent whatsoever! (And this
is from someone who believes she has a modicum of craft talent, seeing as how
I’ve done jewelry work for years.) But
seriously, there are all these new products at the craft or office supply store where you can
make nice looking stuff without a huge learning curve. It’s very empowering. And chuck full of short-term gratification

So I thought I’d share a few images to date. What I’m ultimately planning for my lovely Little
Einstein’s themed birthday bash is to have goody bags that have a t-shirt for
each kid plus some magnets, and with an Einstein sticker on the bag.  Otherwise, I’m just going for some of the
Little Einstein colors, you know, red and blue tablecloths, cutlery, etc. I figure the t-shirts and magnets are plenty
of project work for the moment.  No
reason to kill myself. Plus, these kids
are two… they’re happy without a whole lot of gewgaws. OH! AND one of our friends who has just opened her own bakery catering
company is making us a cake that looks like Rocket!! My friends
ROCK! They really do.

Anyway, here are some images. Please excuse the poor quality here.  I originally grabbed and saved all images as TIFFs
and after hacking my way around Photoshop and Illustrator to create print layouts I
was too lazy to go back and resave the original images back to jpgs for posting
here, so I just made screenshots from my layout files. Which is… *cough*… pretty much like making
copies of copies. Um… which is one of
the reasons why I’m not a graphic artist. But my files print great! Trust

T-shirt Iron-On (we’re
still debating the final text message)


My magnet set for the kids. (Please ignore the extra blue lines – those are for layout purposes and
don’t print. I told you guys I was feeling lazy!)


Fun assorted images. 



Email me if anyone else is interested in files for
print (as I know I can’t be the only parent out there whose kid is nuts for the Little Einsteins). Bootlegging is so much fun!

 – the