Spiderman is a beloved figure in our household.  Not only do Keen and I like Spidey but Chance
goes nutso when he sees him.  Which is
amazing because I have not let him see any of these movies (they’re scary) so I
can’t figure out where he picked up on Spiderman.  He also knows the Hulk and Batman.  It’s like these kids have an instinct for
iconic figures and really cool merchandise. 
(And for emptying the pocket books of mom and dad.)

But like other
in this household, Spiderman has been tortured as much as he’s been
loved.  The Spidey featured is one of
those “grows in water!” toys.  (He’s been
spending a lot of time in the bath.)

The cat drinking Spiderman.  (Dude, you’re looking a little bloated.)


Breakdancing Spidey. 
(Not all the breakdancing moves went well.) 


Spidey as an ingredient in “peanut soup”.


I haven’t mentioned this (or I don’t think I have) but Keen
has taken off the week from work for an at home vacation.  I also managed to clear my schedule and we’ve
been running around doing lots of family stuff. 
Over the weekend we spent time with cousins.  Monday, it was seeing Wall-E.  (Awesome.) 
Today is the county fair. 

Back soon!           – wg