Last week was a really crazy week and I’m still trying to
get my crap together recover. Not only
we were trying to get ready for Chance’s birthday, but I also had a bunch of
work projects unexpectedly come in, AND a house popped up that we were really
really interested in (but that sad tale is for another day)… all while I was
trying to cut out iron-ons and magnets (because of course I planned my creative
projects while there was nothing else going on and I’m too stupidly stubborn to
abandon anything).  BUT we managed to get
through everything and just in time for daylight savings time.  Which I totally used as an excuse to sleep in
until 9:00 this morning (thank you, Chance, for sleeping in too!). Thank heavens I work from home.

So, while I’m letting the caffeine infuse my blood, here are
a few pics.

The FRICKIN’ SWEET cake my friend made!



Because it’s not a party without chalk.


Whoa! Puppets!


Just give me some sugar, man, I’m getting pooped.