For a really good laugh you all need to jump over to MetroDad’s site and read, “From the mouths of babes”.  Be sure to read ALL the comments as well.  Seriously funny; I had to stifle laughter because the hubby was trying to get the baby to sleep and if Chance hears me his little head keeps popping up.  (I basically hide around the corner and surreptitiously type or surf the web.  What has my life become?)  I’ll have to work the beaver comment in at some point.  God BEAVER it!  See, it works.

So the hubby finally visited my site today.  Which is a good thing ‘cause I was getting kind of sick of referring to him as “the hubby” and this gave me the chance to ask if he had any preferences.  Which he did (or rather, he had better ideas than the ones I came up with).  So here it is… from now on the hubby shall be known as “Keen Dad”, or simply Keen. (Wow, I feel like I should be dressed as a high priestess and waving a ceremonial staff or something.  Wait… don’t I already do that?  Oh yeah, I’m thinking of the stick I wave when I have to kick Keen Dad’s ass!!  Just kidding.  Love you, honey.)            – the weirdgirl