First, total exercise in defeat. Example… I intended (with strong convictions that it would
actually happen) to write this post for… are you ready?… Friday morning!  Bwa HA ha ha
ha! And I believed it when I started
this post! *guffaw! chortle!* My god, I kill myself. I really, really do.

Second, I think it’s a noble endeavor – my hat is off to all
who are participating – and one I would probably attempt if… (example #2)… I
didn’t have the fricking novel I haven’t finished! Not even close to finishing. Really, I’m starting to give myself a
complex.  (Us anal types are so guilt-ridden.)
 Besides the novel, I also have to

Two short stories
Two children’s books – but not picture books, more like
novella length middle school kid’s books that could also be turned into
charming animated movies (you know, when Pixar shows up with a bucket-load of
Several new poems
And The Archiving of Old Poems Project – (it really deserves
all those capitals)

All of these are projects that I’ve actually started
writing, too… not just “ideas”.  Can you
see why even the idea of attempting NowBloWroMo makes me dissolve into insane
giggles? I can overload myself just fine
on my own. 

I thought briefly about joining NaNoWrMo, but decided it
might behoove me (I like to behoove myself) to participate unofficially since my writing track record of late has not been so
good. I mean, fuck, I can’t even manage
to blog in a timely manner. (Really, I
do much better when an imposable deadline is breathing down my neck.)

(Ironically (or perhaps appropriately?), even with all these
personal projects, once all the non-personal “critical deadlines” are over, I
flounder. Takes me a while to figure out
“what to do next”. Then I feel guilty
for reading a book or watching movies all weekend.  Is that psychologically fucked up, or what?  Damn adult self-awareness. I’m not crazy!  Mom, all I want is a Pepsi!)

Why am I babbling about this? I don’t know… it seemed blogworthy Friday
morning. That’s probably another issue… subject choices.

Coming soon… something about mammaries!      – wg