Yeah, that would be me.  As any one who read the previous post could see I made a really dumb typo.  I was tired, I was reading about Guns n Roses, and I just can’t type and read at the same time.  Complete dingy brain fart.  (And TWICE at that!)  And then the internal debate: do I write a retraction, do I try to let it die quietly (yeah right, Keen’s laughing his ass off at me).  This has been bugging me all day.  And it’s funny, because if I had made the same slip in conversation with someone I really wouldn’t worry about it.  People I talk to know I have a brain, even if it doesn’t always show up for performances.  HOWEVER.  Because I put it in print, I’ve basically immortalized my dinginess (and humiliation) for all to see. 

So just for the record I DO know the difference between Axl and Jon.  Hopefully I haven’t scared off the few readers I have. 

Now I’m going to go hide from the internets for awhile.        – wg