My son has picked up my cold after all, poor kid.  It’s back to wrestling with snotmonsters.  Since he didn’t come down with it as quickly as I did, I’m kinda hoping his bout won’t be that bad.  I had a horrible sore throat the entire cold.  He doesn’t seem to be in pain so I hope he doesn’t get that part of it.

In other news, I think I’ve got a good idea what Chance’s first word is going to be.  I don’t think it’ll be “Dada” though he is starting to do the series of D sounds when he sees Keen.  And I know it won’t be “Mama” since he’s not even close to doing the mamama sound, much less when he sees me.  And I don’t think it’ll be “baba”, or “ball”, or any of the other usual baby words.  What I think he’s going to utter first is “Kitty Cat”.  Like a lot of kids he loves the cats, loves animals in general.  I think his main motivation for crawling was to chase the cats.  Or at least keep up. 

I wouldn’t have thought that this would be his first word (it sounds a bit complicated for babies, doesn’t it?), but it’s hard to argue with the evidence.  We don’t just have the squealing delightedly at the sight of and the frantic crawling towards the cats anymore.  Now we also have, “juh juh juh Kee Ca!”  Which I think is Chance’s approximation of “Jake the Kitty Cat” (Jake is the cat most willing to play with him, being of the maturity level of a toddler himself).  Or even just, “Kee Ca, Kee Ca!” when he sees either of our kitties, along with pointed staring. 

I could be crazy, but that sounds pretty close to Kitty Cat to me.  Anyone have a Baby to English dictionary on hand?           – the weirdgirl