We’re back from Yosemite.  Even though I love civilization, it’s good to
get out of the city every once in a while. There is something about the land here. Golden hills (though only Californians ever call them gold), oak trees,
rocks… lots of rocks. Pushing up out of
the earth like an explosion with the cows grazing on the grass that grows all
around. It’s hard to really describe the
rocks here to their true worth, but it’s all rejuvenating. This is the real California.  And of course, watching the changes as you
travel, subtle but real… rounded hills easing into the flat central valley,
then reappearing and growing into mountains. Manzanita appears and then pines. And more rocks, all shapes and sizes until you finally get to the
massive ones like Half Dome.

Anyway. I love being
out of doors wherever I am and so does Chance. It was cold! But he seemed to have a good time. He liked the snow but I think he really liked being in the woods, in Yosemite Valley where there wasn’t much snow on the
ground. Fallen logs, rocks, dirt, and
pine needles… what more could a kid ask for if he wants to explore?

It is nice to get away but it is tiring, too. Now I know why for so many years my parent
friends would sigh when they talked about their “vacations”.

I’m thinking our next last minute trip will be to the
coast. Another part of California and this one with seashells,
seaweed, sand, more rocks… sounds like another great adventure, eh?       

               – the weirdgirl



It’s hard to tell but Keen is actually the really small person in this picture.



That white foamy-looking stuff in the water is really ice.


Chance was so absorbed in his surroundings I couldn’t get him to look at the camera, but I finally got one where he wasn’t running off to explore.