Thursday my car got broken in to.  But not really "broken" per se because the thief or thieves had an easy time of it as it turns out my car was left unlocked.



So I'm taking inventory amidst the mess. Oh yes, they left a mess. For a minute I thought they took my insurance card and registration and I was all like, "What the fuck?  Is there some new identity theft scam involving registration cards that would totally not work because everything is run through license plates?" Yeah, I think all detective-like when my shit is stolen.  And for a while there I was more concerned with having to possibly deal with the DMV than with the police and robbers lurking around the neighborhood.  But then I found all my car insurance cards.  Whew!  Crisis averted.  Luckily, I don't keep much crap in my car (except for the unending supply of snack wrappers and Starbuck's cups).  They took some music CDs (jerks), my iPhone charger/FM tuner (damnit), and a bunch of purses I was planning on giving away that were in the trunk (and how did they know how to pop the trunk from the inside when I don't even know how to do that?) so I hope those went to a good home.  And you know, it's a bad economy so someone may have really needed to clean out my change dish.  In a way I paid it forward.  Or made an economic donation.  Or something.  They also left Chance's booster seat for which I was grateful.

Not too bad.  Irksome, but then again, there were no broken windows!

THEN… the next day I realized… they took my canvas grocery bags! 

That's when I got pissed.

I mean, seriously, what the fuck?!  They're grocery bags. You had to take my grocery bags?  I had worked up quite a collection of very nice canvas bags.  I mean, sure, right now I only remember to use them when I go to Trader Joe's but we're getting closer and closer to a plastic bag ban at grocery stores around here and I fully intended to use those bags regularly at some unnamed point in the future!  If you're bad off economically and need to steal, fine, but seriously don't you think I need to grocery shop too?!  Bastards.

Plus, a lot of those bags were from BlogHer!  Those were damn nice bags!  Not to mention the sentimental value.  *sniff*  I had at least one from every year.  Where am I going to find a Chicago '07 bag to proudly shop with at Trader Joe's now?  And have my poor BlogHer bags been turned to a life of crime?!

Anyway… if anyone going to BlogHer '10 this year wants to get rid of their bags… come find me, I'll take them. 

             – the weirdgirl