They were all at this festival.


Oh, the awesome cheesiness!  That octopus is wearing sunglasses btw.  So were the clams.


Arrrrgh, matey!  (Did Vikings say "argh"?)

DSC03838 rotated

I don't even know what this is. I think it might be those tuber (anemone?) things we used to yank up from under the dock, cut into green slimy chunks, and fish with, maybe?  Yeah, my anti-gross-out training started early.

DSC03834 rotated

My jaded relations were less impressed with the parade.  Bloody cynics.


I realize I haven't done a vacation recap… despite having two basically in a row. Well, Disney is officially the loudest place on earth, which was a bit hard on a kid with sensory issues, hearing being the primary one.  (I mean, that place was working MY nerves.)  Most of the rides were also loud, in dark tunnels, and gave the impression of lots of objects/lights shooting towards you out of nowhere… so, again, those didn't go over too well with the kid.  On the other hand, Chance LOVED meeting Mickey and his friends, and the Star Wars Jedi Training Academy and the Disney Playhouse shows, so some good, some bad.  Lots of walking, lots of SoCal heat.  

In comparison, our second getaway was much more relaxed.  And it still had rides, walking, people dressed up in costume, and too much sugar.  (I love sugar.)  Plus, a cool dog named Lucy.


It also turns out that my facetiousness is totally hereditary!  From grandma all the way to cousin.  I mean, I probably knew that deep down, but it had been so long since I'd been around my family en masse that I'd sort of forgotten. 

We are hilarious.  (At least, to each other.) 

Still, it's nice to be home.  
              – the weirdgirl