It has been a heavy summer. I have several friends who have gone or are going through some really rough
times this summer. I’ve been hesitant to
talk about them here because it isn’t my
to tell their stories, to share their personal business with the
world. Although those stories are worth
telling, if only to be heard and embraced.

Even though for the most part I want to write the fun stuff
for this site, there are moments when I can’t quite get to it. Too tired at the end of the day, too troubled
by other troubles, too weighted down. And I think the older you get the more you feel the heartsick of others’
as your own, because at a certain point we all have been heartsick. It is these shared experiences that make us
connect, help us grow, inspire us… and make us sorrow even when it is not our

A few days ago I was awarded the Nice
award by Katie, who I had the privilege to meet at Blogher and is a very nice person, not to mention
funny. And then she shared on her blog
that she’s also going through a rough time. It makes you feel like those little fun things, though sweet and
heartfelt, are also a little too inconsequential. However, I do want to pass this on and I want
to expand my list just a little (sort of like Prayers of the People, if any of
you are familiar with the term) because sometimes, in the day to day slogging
of life, keeping each other in our hearts and thoughts is the most important
thing we can do.

For Chag, Jason, Liz, Kristen, Betsy, KC, Fuzz, Riley, Sarah and Tony, (and so many others I could name). You are all great people and I wish I
could meet you all in person. Lisa, Summer, Smarmy Mama, and of course, Katie, I have been thinking of you.

For Monica, April, Darcy and Harold, Gary, and Winnie.  Jeanne, Val, and Christy. Really, I don’t know what I would do without
you guys. Please know you are in my
thoughts (and on my speed dial and IM and the million other ways we talk).

For my family (both Keen’s and mine) you’re all a little
insane and sometimes you even cause your own misery but I still love you.

I think there were rules to this award but this is just a
good one for anyone to use. If you know
people who you consider truly nice, reward them. And if you have people you just want to send
a prayer out to, a happy shout out, or just let them know you’re thinking of
them please join me.

This summer could use a little more light.        – wg